Ready Vet Go Mentorship Programs Are:

  • Cohort Based

    New vets gain community and support

  • Six Months

    Enough time to dive deep and build a strong foundation

  • Remote

    Live and asynchronous components

In addition to LIVE mentorship...

Your six-month mentorship program includes asynchronous lessons you can work on in your own time, including real life exam videos. Plus, each mentee receives:

  • 12 Hours RACE-Approved CE

  • Hardbound journal

  • Downloadable tools

  • Community and confidence!


  • How is Ready Vet Go Different From Other Programs?

    While many programs primarily address burnout prevention, Ready Vet Go adopts a more holistic, skills-based methodology to ensure veterinarians flourish. Our approach is threefold: Firstly, we concentrate on the individual veterinarian, enhancing their skills, addressing burnout prevention, and fostering financial literacy. Secondly, we tackle the veterinarian's role within the clinic, aiming to reduce turnover and boost productivity. Lastly, we underscore the significance of the veterinarian's position in the patient's family, contributing to greater career satisfaction.

  • What is the difference between the Ready Vet Go Mentorship program and Ready Vet Go Mentorship Lite?

    The programs are the exact same, with the exception of access to the 12 mentor-led small group workshops (Pack Meetings), held twice a month.

  • What is a Pack Meeting?

    Pack Meetings offer intimate, mentor-led workshops in small groups of 3-4 peers, providing a safe space to delve deeply into various topics, ensuring individualized support, confidence-building, and unparalleled growth.

  • Who Are the Mentors?

    Our mentors are passionate about veterinary medicine, boasting over 10 years of clinical experience each, and have held leadership roles such as practice owners or medical directors.